Politics of memory

PiS fully engaged in re-writing Poland's history

List 2017-08-31
Ministries, state companies, schools and museums are all getting involved in the promotion of history.
Politics of memory

How many Poles hold nationalist views

Data 2017-01-03
Poles do not want Polish land to be sold to foreigners and are reluctant to employ them. One in three is prejudiced against Jewish people and the LGBT community.
Politics of memory

Poles are proud of their history

Data 2016-12-23
Most Poles consider themselves to be patriots and say there's nothing to be ashamed of in Poland's history.
Politics of memory

How PiS re-interprets Polish history

Context 2016-07-19
PiS will try to change the dominant narrative on the subjects such as Jedwabne, the cursed soldiers and Solidarność.

Volhynia divides Poles and Ukrainians

Background 2016-07-12
Poland and Ukraine have different interpretations of a shared history, which is being brought back onto the public agenda after decades of silence.
Prawo i Sprawiedliwość

What's next for IPN following bill amendments

Prospects 2016-06-16
The amendments to the law on IPN came into force today. They will politicise it and expand its powers - the next step could be an amendment to the law on vetting.

How Wałęsa files might affect Polish politics

Update 2016-02-19
According to the Institute for National Remembrance, Lech Wałęsa committed to being an informant for the Communist security police in the early 1970s. How will the disclosure of this information impact PiS's rhetoric and actions?