Law firms

PiS government allowed lawyers to profit

Reasons 2019-09-25
The need to implement regulations on personal data protection and employee capital plans adopted under the various PiS government ensured work for law firms.
Poland 2015-2019

How has infrastructure changed under PiS rule

Graphic analysis 2019-09-04
Motorways are nearly completed, the construction of railway infrastructure has stopped and no new airports have been built.
Poland 2015-2019

PiS expanded Poland’s armed forces, but mainly on paper

Poland 2015-2019 2019-08-27
During the four years of PiS rule, the professional army increased by just 5 per cent but attracted volunteers numbering in the tens of thousands.
Poland 2015-2019

What kind of gas policy did PiS carry out

Poland 2015-2019 2019-08-26
Over the course of PiS’s rule, Poland's dependence on Russian gas has decreased; the construction of a gas hub has also begun. Market liberalisation has been put on the back burner.
Poland 2015-2019

What kind of Eastern policy has PiS conducted

Polska 2015-2019 2019-08-23
PiS rule saw the deterioration of relations with Ukraine and the role of the Eastern Partnership decreasing. On the plus side, Poland has become less reliant on energy from Russia.
Poland 2015-2019

How PiS modernised the army

Poland 2015-2019 2019-08-21
From 2015 to 2019, the Ministry of Defence launched several key defence programmes, but failed to push through a technological breakthrough in the army.
Poland 2015-2019

Judiciary reform proved too much for PiS

Polska 2015-2019 2019-08-20
After four years of PiS governments, rule of law in Poland is in a worse state than it was before the party took over in 2015. Moreover, the Supreme Court is taking several months longer to hand down its verdicts.
Poland in the EU

What regional alliances has PiS built

Polska 2015-2019 2019-08-19
During the rule of the various PiS governments, Poland focused on building a leading position in the region, although it did not boast many spectacular results. Less attention was dedicated to relations with Western Europe.
Poland 2015-2019

How does Poland’s economy compare to the rest of the region

Poland 2015-2019 2019-08-14
Poland’s economic position in the region has not improved since PiS came to power. Central and Eastern Europe has made gains as a whole due to external factors.
Poland 2015-2019

How Poland’s position in the rankings changed

Poland 2015-2019 2019-08-12
Under PiS, Poland’s position in economic and social rankings did not change much, as opposed to freedom and democracy rankings, which fell drastically.