What is PI Climate?

PI Climate is a bilingual, analytical service providing top-of-the-line information on Poland, climate and COP24. Over the course of three weeks our editorial team on the ground will report the progress of negotiations, the coffee break chatter and the most interesting and important COP24 sideshows.


The idea behind this project is to provide in-depth, fair and interesting reporting on the most important global event in Poland, this year. We would like to reach decision-makers in government, business, media and the non-profit sectors, as well as a possibly big audience interested in climate and energy issues. We believe there is both a lack and a dire need of information on climate issues in mainstream media outlets in Poland (and possibly abroad).


Robert Tomaszewski
Krzysztof Bolesta
Adam Puchejda
Aleksander Szojda-Pallado
Rachel Van Horn
Andrzej Bobiński
Katarzyna Szajewska
Marcin Bąba
Maciej Kurczewski
Max Belina Brzozowski
Kinga Pałasz

What is Polityka Insight?

Polityka Insight (PI) is Poland’s leading source of political analysis and business intelligence. Launched over five years ago it has three business pillars: daily analytical services available upon subscription (PI Premium, PI Finance and PI Energy), bespoke reports, presentations and high-profile debates and conferences.