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Five analyses a day on leading issues from the business and government agenda. Economic forecasts, sectoral trends, political developments and policy chatter from Brussels. Critical facts and figures, always in a one-pager format.

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PI Briefing

A daily headstart for those who need to be in the know. Our flagship product delivers crucial news from business and politics, a selective press digest, promotions at ministries and companies. A morning must-read for people on the go, delivered to your inbox.

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PI Knowledge

Critical knowledge whenever you need it. Over 4000 analyses, interlinked and searchable, aggregated around key topics. Constantly updated election polls and economic indicators. All in one place.

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PI Publications

Timely briefs on complex topics of the day. Useful dossiers on mid-term policy issues. In-depth reports on systemic questions in politics, business and Europe. Delivered in PDF format, also to mobile devices.

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PI Events

Meetings with decision-makers and business leaders organized especially for our clients. Expert seminars and open debates. Top-level speakers, stimulating discussions, substantive conclusions.

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PI Analyses
PI Briefing
PI Knowledge
PI Publications
PI Events

Knowledge tailored to your needs.

Polityka Insight is introducing tailored research services.

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for managers
for diplomats
for public officials
for lawyers
1Current economic forecasts
2Trends in key business sectors
3Profiles of emerging business players
4Digest of key consulting reports
1Tracking of election polls and forecasts
2Daily political coverage
3Breakdown of party strategies
4Profiles of emerging political actors
1In-depth analysis of government policies
2International comparisons and best practices
3Digest of think-tank recommendations
4Profiles of key ministers and civil servants
1Tracking of legislation at ministries and parliament
2Early analysis of draft legislation and new bills
3Constant overview of changing regulations
4Profiles of public institutions


Polityka Insight is a subscription-based service. We have tailored offers for:

public institutions

Polityka Insight is designed for decision makers and executive-level professionals. Clients can request two types of access:

* available beyond a certain number of executive accounts, on the client’s IP network

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Business Development Director
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Sales Manager
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PI Premium Clients

PI Premium’s clients are over 100 private, public and international institutions. Among them:


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   Słupecka 6, 02-309 Warsaw


Helena Skąpska
Assistant to the Managing Director

What is Polityka Insight?
Polityka Insight is an analytical centre and knowledge communication company covering politics, economy and European affairs.
What is special about Polityka Insight?
It is selective, precise and to the point. By choosing critical facts and figures we save our readers from information overload and deliver insights: causes, implications, relationships and interests. We project possible scenarios, solutions, risks and chances. Our findings are presented in a concise format, always on one page.
What do we offer?
Premier analysis of Polish politics, economy and European affairs. Every weekday our subscribers receive a morning briefing, a set of five one-page analyses and occasional in-depth publications. We also organise exclusive Q&A sessions with decision-makers, as well as expert seminars and open debates.
Who writes our analyses?
Polityka Insight has its own, select team of 14 analysts – among them economists, lawyers and sociologists, all with government or business experience. The team is divided into six desks: Politics, Macroeconomics, Europe, Business, Legal and Social Affairs.
How do we work?
Our team is constantly following developments inside the Polish government, tracking economic indicators, trends in the real economy and pending decisions in Brussels. We are present at Sejm sessions, EU summits and key business conferences. Our analysts scrutinise think-tank output and process statistical and economic data.
Who reads Polityka Insight?
Our service is designed for corporate clients in business, government, politics and diplomacy. Polityka Insight is read by ministers, CEOs and ambassadors, as well as mid-level managers and public officials, who use our service as a reliable source of knowledge.
What is the cost of subscription?
Prices of subscriptions depend on type of institution you are with and the number of prospective users. Each offer is tailored to the needs of a particular client.
How is Polityka Insight related to Polityka magazine?
Polityka Insight operates as a part of Polityka publishing house, but is independent from the Polityka magazine. It has a separate team, and the service is aimed at a narrower audience of business, government, and diplomatic professionals.

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