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Warsaw European Conversation

Warsaw European Conversation is Polityka Insight’s flagship conference, held at the start of every year. For one day, 300 business leaders, decision-makers and experts from Poland and abroad discuss strategic opportunities and challenges.

We offer
We offer:

Strategic perspective

Where is the economy heading? What will shape politics? Our flagship conference will equip you with actionable insights for the year ahead.

World-class speakers

Our guests are decision-makers and experts from Poland and abroad, invited to speak on the pressing themes that year.

Genuine debate

Each session closes with a discussion, which the conference’s participants are invited to join. We welcome a lively exchange of ideas.

Forging relationships

Warsaw European Conversation is a unique opportunity to meet leading figures in Polish business and politics.

Risks and Trends 2019:
Risks and Trends 2018:

Bespoke conferences

We prepare themed conferences on key developments in the global, European and Polish economy, featuring business leaders, political decision-makers and prominent experts.

We offer
We offer:

You choose the subject

Do you have an initial idea for a conference or seminar? Our analysts will help you develop a list of key issues and engaging questions.

Concrete and useful

We will ensure that your conference leads to practicial conclusions and is useful for your guests.

Dynamic flow

Our moderators control every stage of the conference, keeping the debate on topic, energised and open to voices from the audience.

Meticulous preparation

We will make your conference stand out from the rest, approaching it with the same attention to detail as at our own events.

Sample conferences:


With partners, we organise roundtables or expert breakfasts on a chosen subject, with carefully-selected participants, engaging opening material and active moderation.

We offer
We offer:

Conversational setting

Roundtables are best for informal expert debates on well-delineated issues in a select group of participants.

Interesting speakers

We help our partners choose expert participants that will make for a thoughtful and lively debate.

Professional moderators

Roundtables are moderated by analysts who work on the subject, ensuring considered questions and a smooth discussion.

Accompanying materials

If you wish, we can prepare an opening paper ahead of the event or a dossier summarising its key conclusions.

Sample roundtables:

Tailored conference panels

We organise and chair tailor-made panels at top business conferences in Poland, including the European Economic Congress, Impact, the European Financial Congress and the European Forum for New Ideas.

We offer
We offer:

Experience and advice

We have partnerships with organisers of Poland’s top conferences. We can advise you on where best to speak on the subjects that matter to you.

Topics and speakers

We can assist you in topic selection, speaker recruitment and preparation of the panel down to conference day.

Experienced moderators

Our analysts have considerable experience moderating panels at Poland’s top business conferences.

Special events

On request we also organise closed events on the sidelines of a conference – informal discussions, cocktail receptions and invitation-only dinners.

Sample conference panels:

Discussion series

With our clients, we can design a series of events targeting different audiences or held in different locations. Our series can focus on a single subject or foster debate on a given theme.

We offer
We offer:

One subject, many angles

Would you like your debate to live on, reaching different audiences? Our themed series explore issues from different angles.

Different formats

Our offer includes debates, workshops, roundtables and informal gatherings, but we are always on the lookout for new formats.

Topic development

Apart from organisation we offer creative assistance to develop each meeting’s topic and narrative.

A range of target audiences

Within one series, the meetings can target different groups. We know how to reach them and tailor the event to their interests.

Sample series:
How we can assist you with your event:
What we do:
  • We get involved in event preparations from day one
  • We help frame the discussion topic and choose the best format
  • Our analysts are ready to offer their expertise
  • We work with Poland’s top business conferences
What we do:
  • We select experts and engaging speakers from a range of disciplines
  • We prepare event scenarios to ensure high quality
  • Our moderators control the flow of the discussion
  • We offer individual support for every event
What we do:
  • We invite target groups that reflect the client’s goals
  • We take care of the setting, organisation and technical details
  • We can help you promote the event in the media
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