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Research, forecasts and presentations. Order knowledge tailored to your needs.


Thematic reports

Our publications stand out with their expertise, unorthodox thinking, clear language and sophisticated graphic design. We prepare reports for both internal and public use.

Types of reports Our reports
Types of reports:

Prospects for the sector

What awaits your sector in coming years? We prepare reports on macro and micro outlooks for individual sectors and companies.

Trends, opportunities, risks

How can opportunities be seized and risks reduced in a constantly changing environment? Order a report on the trends shaping your sector.

Regulatory impact assessment

How will new regulations affect your company? With our knowledge of legislation and regulatory politics, we can assess their impact early on.

What Brussels is preparing

How can one prepare for the opportunities offered by new EU policies and regulations? We know Brussels’ plans before Warsaw finds out.


Stakeholder mapping

We constantly monitor the activities of Polish and EU institutions, so we know who makes regulatory and legislative decisions, along with when and why. Take advantage of our institutional knowledge.

What we map
What we map:

Who makes the decisions

Find out who decides on what matters to you, at the Polish and European level. Discover the dependencies and connections.

Who shapes the debate

Identify the organisations and people who set the tone of the debates that matter to you. Get to know the experts that supply them with knowledge.

Whose interests clash

See the games of interest at different levels of the administration. Find partners to help you reach your goals. Understand better whom you are competing against and for what.

What decision-makers think

Find out what MPs and key officials think about a subject that interests you. See who advises them. Order an opinion panel in decision-making circles.


Boardroom presentations

We regularly brief management boards of Polish and international companies on the domestic situation, EU affairs, macroeconomic outlook and investment climate. Our analysts travel abroad on request.

What we brief on
What we brief on:

Political prospects

How could Polish state actors affect your company? We assess the current political situation, draw potential scenarios and calculate risks.

Economic forecasts

What’s next for the economy in coming quarters? Request our in-house GDP, inflation and unemployment forecasts and track the business climate across a range of sectors.

EU policies

How can new EU initiatives benefit your business? With our knowledge of EU policies, we can show you opportunities before your competitors notice them.

Poland for investors

What do the changes in Poland mean for your company’s local branch or assets? We regularly brief portfolio investors and international management boards.


Quantitative research

Our tailored analyses and forecasts are based on public or entrusted data. We create indicators illustrating processes of change, transposing numbers into conclusions and showing what the available data says about the future.

What we can calculate
What we can calculate:


We can measure the size of the market, competition within the sector and your company’s economic impact. We examine both visible phenomena and those hidden in the structure of businesses interactions.

Custom indicators

Thinking about your own scale or rolling index? We create clear indicators from multidimensional data sets. Working with pollsters, we are also able to measure qualitative changes.


We evaluate tendencies and entieties on the basis of impartial criteria and authored indices and models. We assess i.a. the safety and openness of Polish cities, and select the best regulatory law firms.

Projections and forecasts

We prepare forecasts based on the key variables affecting your company. We can use your data to forecast sales, market growth, the number of customers and estimate the probability of a range of scenarios.



Looking for a short study on a subject that matters to you? Our dossiers make a difference on business trips, executive visits to Poland and when key economic and political developments need to be explained.

Our dossiers
Our dossiers:

Business travel guides

Are you preparing for a trip or expanding to a new market? We prepare handy guides to a given country’s economy, politics and business culture, taking into account your industry’s characteristics and your company’s needs.

The EU for businesses

Who is responsible for your industry in Brussels? Which decisions affecting your company are made at the national level, and which by the EU? We can write a guide to the EU tailored to your needs.

Primer to Poland

How does Polish politics work? Who are the key economic actors? How do Poles think? Especially for expats, we have prepared a guide to Poland’s institutions, people and processes, which is updated every year.

Geopolitical spotlight

What are the business risks linked to Brexit, Donald Trump’s presidency or North Korea’s nuclear tests? We explain geopolitical processes and assess their impact on Central Europe and Poland specificially.


We teach the skills we have honed ourselves. Our workshops span business forecasting, critical thinking and team development.

What we train in
What we train in:

Business forecasting

What will happen at my company in two quarters? All business involves prediction these days – demand, supply, prices and results. Polityka Insight’s chief economist can teach you basic forecasting techniques.

Poland Immersion Workshop

A half-day private workshop for foreign managers and diplomats newly arrived in Poland. A hands-on introduction to the country’s politics, economy and society, with ample time for questions.


Infographics and charts

Presenting data is one of our strongest points. We can help you showcase your own numbers or illustrate complex processes.

What we draw
What we draw:


Do you want to visualise business processes, economic dependencies or the interplay between factors? Infographics are a great way to illustrate complex phenomena.


Would you like your data to speak for itself? At Polityka Insight, charts are part of our daily work, ensuring that numbers are as potent as words.

Presentation templates

If you like our reports’ smart design, you can order a similar template for your company. We will gladly design one to fit your requirements.

Interactive tools

Looking for an interactive data visualisation modelled on our tools? We can design and code tools ready to be used on your website.

Sample research:
How we work:
What we do:
  • We discuss the initial idea with the client, developing it into a feasible research project
  • We agree on the scope, format and delivery time of the final product
  • We calculate the cost. Polityka Insight offers the best quality to price ratio on the market
  • Discounts available for Polityka Insight subscribers and returning clients
What we do:
  • Our team of analysts works on projects spanning macroeconomics, sectors and industries, politics, legislation, defence and EU affairs
  • We conduct qualitative and quantitative research, including work on entrusted data
  • At each stage, we update our clients on progress
What we do:
  • Our publications are known for their elegant design and clear graphics
  • We provide them in print or electronic format, Polish or English versions
  • The text is complemented by meaningful charts, infographics and illustrations
  • We organise debates, bringing your research to decision-makers’ attention
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