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Poland’s leading source of political analysis and business intelligence. Foreign investors rely on our unbiased coverage of Poland’s economy and politics. Our team of 20 analysts tracks seven strategic areas. We provide standard services and tailored knowledge solutions.

What our clients say
Cezary Stypułkowski
Polityka Insight’s strength is selection. Every morning, I receive a carefully chosen set of news on the economy and politics by email. Cezary Stypułkowski
fmr. CEO, mBank S.A.
Adam Czyżewski
I value Polityka Insight for its clear picture of the regulatory environment. With you I know I won’t miss anything. And you don’t disappoint. Adam Czyżewski, PhD
Chief Economist, PKN Orlen
dr Ewa Łabno-Falęcka
Polityka Insight is a reliable and intelligent source of information and analyses, prepared by a highly competent team of experts. I use it every day. Ewa Łabno-Falęcka, PhD
Head of Corporate Communication and External Affairs, Mercedes-Benz Polska
Krzysztof A. Zakrzewski
Every day, Polityka Insight provides me with a set of essential news. Access to interesting, concise political and economic analyses is important to me as well. Krzysztof A. Zakrzewski
Managing Partner, Domański Zakrzewski Palinka
Tony Housh
Polityka Insight enables me to track many sectors and government policies. This lets me focus on my company and leading AmCham. Tony Housh
Chairman of the Board of Directors, American Chamber of Commerce, Warsaw
Anna Solarek
Polityka Insight is a source of information about the environment affecting our business. We read its reports and analyses when preparing our external activities. It is also an excellent platform for meetings with business and the administration. Anna Solarek
Head of PA and Comms, Łukaszewicz & Partners
Bas B. Bakker
Polityka Insight helps understand economic and political processes and phenomena in Poland. An excellent source of knowledge for decision-makers. Bas B. Bakker
Former Senior Regional Resident Representative for Central and Eastern Europe, International Monetary Fund
Filip Kochan
I like Polityka Insight because it provides advanced analytical content in condensed form. Each analysis closes with your opinion – one may not agree, but it must be reckoned with. Filip Kochan
Senior External Affairs Officer, World Bank
Piotr Kędzierski
I start my day with Polityka Insight. It helps me understand what is happening in the economy and politics on an ongoing basis. The analysts are competent and know how to communicate their insights. This type of service was really missing on the market. Piotr Kędzierski
Head of Regulatory Affairs, T-Mobile
Eric Benoist
Every morning the briefing from Polityka Insight is key to get the latest economic and political news and keep up to date with what is happening in the country, and the analyses provide very valuable insight and understanding of the situation and possible consequences. Eric Benoist
Former CEO, Wyborowa Pernod Ricard
EU Affairs

We view the economic sector as a whole and individual manufacturing industries. Our analysts follow events and changes in key production branches, infrastructure and transport.

We track:

  • greenfield investments
  • road, rail and aviation projects
  • the progress of industry 4.0
NEXT AREA: Defence

Our analysts monitor Poland’s defence policy and military procurement, along with the security environment and the geopolitical situation in Europe and the world.

We track:

  • army modernisation programmes
  • organisational changes in the armed forces
  • NATO plans and activities in Central Europe
NEXT AREA: Legislation

We track all new legislation coming out of Poland’s government. Our analysts review draft laws at the ministerial stage and follow amendments on the way through parliament.

We track:

  • new acts and their impact on industries
  • regulatory policy
  • tax-related changes
NEXT AREA: Politics

We monitor the political situation in Poland taking into account power relations, policy-making, institutional dynamics and personal ambitions of key players.

We track:

  • the ruling camp’s actions, rationale and aims
  • the opposition’s strategy and potential
  • shifts in support and voters’ attitudes
NEXT AREA: Finance

We observe the Polish banking and insurance sector with a focus on changes in ownership, the shifting regulatory environment and technological disruptions.

We track:

  • the impact of EU regulations on Polish financial institutions
  • the nascent fintech sector and advances in robotic process automation
  • opportunities and risks for financial institutions

We confront Poland’s energy policy with global trends, such as decarbonisation, the development of renewables and e-mobility.

We track:

  • the state of Polish energy companies
  • plans for Baltic Pipe and Poland’s first nuclear power plant
  • the impact of EU regulations on Poland’s energy sector
NEXT AREA: Digitisation

We follow Poland’s new economy and the digitisation of traditional sectors. Our focus is on innovative start-ups, applications of new technologies and trends in digital consumption.

We track:

  • Poland’s telecoms
  • the start-up ecosystem
  • the cybersecurity environment

We are the only institution in Poland to thoroughly monitor the EU’s evolving policies, assessing their impact on sectors of the Polish economy early on.

We track:

  • new regulatory and legislative initiatives
  • the competition of national interests in the EU
  • Polish authorities’ actions in Brussels
NEXT AREA: Industry
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